Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween!!!!!! Sophie was a turkey this year, last year she was only 12 days old so she did not go out, but this year she went trick or treating with Oliver....who was a dragon. They were so cute in the wagon together. Since Sophie doesn't speak much yet Oliver did all the work and even would pick out the candy and put it in Sophie's bucket. She didn't eat any but had a great time just playing with the wrappers!!!

After the birthday party we continued a yearly tradition a week later and went pumpkin picking with Juneau and Sophie. Juneau loves to run in the field and Sophie rode in the wagon. We picked 3 big pumpkins and so far Juneau has only tried to eat one of them!!!!

Sophie turned one on October 18 and we had a big party for her at our house. She had many family and friends come to celebrate with was a great time!!! Here are some shots from the day. I have to add one of the 2 cakes....which I made from scratch and took me aprox 7 hours!!!! They came out pretty good though for the first time.....with some advice from my girls in the ED.....